Bermuda Grass

Bermuda Grass
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Bermudagrass is a warm season turf grass. Plant Bermudagrass seeds in spring and summer when soil temperatures are consistently above 65 degrees Fahrenheit. The optimum soil temperature for germination and root growth of Bermudagrass is 75 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Higher temps are acceptable provided moisture is maintained.


Plant 2 to 3 pounds of Bermuda grass seed (coated seed) per 1000 square feet (1 kg/100 square meters) for new turf applications. More seed may be needed when stands are established early or late in the season to ensure full coverage. The planting rate for lawns is much higher, than for pastures, due to the desire to have a higher plant population per square foot in laws. This works to create a dense turf when mowed.


If planting into existing Ryegrass (especially Perennial Ryegrass).. It is usually best to kill off the ryegrass prior to planting Bermuda. Sometime between April 15 and May 15, no matter how good the ryegrass still is, plan to kill it. Do NOT wait much longer than that as you lose important warm-weather time for establishment of your long term, permanent Bermuda grass base turf. You should be planting the Bermuda around last of May to the first of June.

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